A donations platform with real intelligence

Simplifying gifting by centralising the logistics and integrations with E-commerce

What we offer

All the tools and resources needed to make gifting as easy as possible

Bird's eye view

Discover important insights on your dashboard

Our Donative dashboard gives you real time insights about orders, products , donors and fundraisers.

Developer friendly

Smart, powerful APIs

Powerful donative developer friendly API's lets you customize the reports the way your organisation demands.

get approved

Easily validate customer orders and information

The Donative reconciliation API's gives you a quick way to validate orders.

Simplified Integration

3 Step integration for E-commerce Business accounts.

Streamlined checkout

Donors will have streamlined way of donating products

Smart dashboard

All in one dashboard for donor management, campaign management and fund raisers

Optimized platforms

Optimised Platform to and Smart APIs for customize according to needs

Donor Management

Donor Management and Engagement has never been so easy

Support available 24/7

Sun Model Support system available.

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Pricing for all scales of Organisations

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Donative powered by ManagedOrg taking Donations to next level !

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